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We are currently in search of Volunteers for the following positions on the Board.

1. Equipment Coordinator - Organized and inventory equipment for teams/club - 5-7 days a year commitment.

2. Website Manager - Webmaster - Change text, upload documents and manage social media accounts for the club

3. Field Coordinator - Assign fields to teams for practices and coordinate with coaches and ref coordinator when games and practices are changed. Two Seasons per year!

4. Spiritwear Coordinator (Fashion consultant!!!) - Help select our spirit wear!

5. General Volunteer and helping hands always accepted - Field lining, in house tournament management, anything you can think of to make the environment better for our kids!

Contact a member of the board if you are interested in any of the options or have any thing that you would like to help with.

More opportunities coming soon! In the meantime contact us HERE.  There is always something we can use help with.

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